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Cubans aim for the record books with massive daiquiri cocktail

posted 21 Jul 2012, 12:05 by Mpelembe   [ updated 21 Jul 2012, 12:06 ]

Cubans create world's biggest daiquiri cocktail to celebrate Ernest Hemingway's 113th birthday.

Cubans on Saturday (July 21) created what they hope was the world's largest daiquiri, a popular Cuban cocktail that was also a favourite American writer Ernest Hemingway.
The daiquiri, which filled a 250-litre cocktail glass, was created at Old Havana's Floridita bar, the popular Hemingway haunt where the drink was first created.

"This event arranged by Floridita is evidence that Hemingway will always be remembered, 113 years after his birth. He will be remembered and will continue to be remembered," said Ada Rosa Alfonso, who is the director of Havana's Ernest Hemingway museum.

It took 10 bartenders and 10 blenders to create the massive cocktail which organisers said measured 71 gallons or 270 litres.

"We are very happy. It is a dream that we have wanted to make reality for more than a year. It is a distinctive experience in homage to the great Daiquiri cocktail," said Andres Aranciba, who is the manager of the Floridita bar and restaurant.

As the two-metre-tall cocktail glass was filled to the brim, the crowd in the packed tavern raised their glasses and cheered.

"This is great for three reasons. First because we are in the land of the daiquiri, we are in the home of the daiquiri and we are celebrating the birthday of Hemingway and Guinness record of more than 250 litres," said Havana resident Ricardo Antonio Trujillo.

The daiquiri is a cocktail consisting of white rum, lime juice and shaved ice.