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Chicken hatches massive egg in Colombia

posted 6 Feb 2012, 10:33 by Mpelembe   [ updated 6 Feb 2012, 10:33 ]

Chicken in Colombia hatches massive egg that may be largest on record.

SAN FRANCISCO, CUNDINAMARCA PROVINCE, COLOMBIA (FEBRUARY 05, 2012)  (RCN) - A chicken in Colombia may enter the Guinness Book of World's Records soon after the appearance of a massive egg.

The daughter of a farmer in San Francisco, a town in the Cudinmarca region north of Bogota, got a surprise recently when she found an egg weighing 245 grams, four times the weight of a normal egg.

Edna Nino said the huge egg gave her a scare.

"I got scared because I had never seen an egg like that. The first thing I did was call my dad. I took it to him and I showed him the egg," she said.

Hernando Nino, the owner of the farm, marveled at the egg.

"It's a phenomenon that could happen on any farm, but after 20 years as a farmer I had never seen an egg of this size. It is very big," he said.

The egg is 12 centimetres long and seven centimetres round. Nino said he will send documentation of the massive egg to the Guinness organisation to see if it qualifies for a record.

The chicken, named Franciscana, is now the pride of the pack. Nino attributes the egg to healthy diet that includes vitamins, amino acids and plenty of protein.