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Can I Date Her Or Is She Too Young For Me?

posted 13 Dec 2010, 07:17 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Dec 2010, 07:19 ]

You have just met the woman of your dreams, and it has been a
long, hard search to get there. But she is quite a bit
younger than you are and you are worried about the
implications and repercussions. What will your friends and
family say? Can she really love you, and will she lose
interest? How young is too young?

Your dilemma is nothing new; in fact, it happens so often
that there have been established answers to many of your
questions, and others who have paved the way before you have
laid out some ideas and tools for you to build a successful
relationship with this new lover, in spite of your age gap.

Tool #1: Love and Respect

Do not lose sight of what solid relationships are all about,
and that is love and respect. She may be younger than you
are, and others may wonder what you are thinking, but if the
two of you love each other and respect one another, and if
you really enjoy being together, then you have all the
answers you need. It may be easier to say it than to
practice it, but what others think and say about you is
irrelevant if you and your partner are happy with what you
are building together.

Tool #2: The Formula

Believe it or not, you have an actual age range formula in
your corner. This is no random formula either; it is based
on average age ranges for men and women and the fact that
the life expectancies for men are notably shorter than they
are for women. The other factor taken into account for this
formula is the difference between the reproductive life span
of men and that of women. Because men are able to father
children much later in life than women are able to become
pregnant, the acceptable or feasible formula for the ratio
of a man's age to a woman's age is substantially affected.
This formula is as follows: a woman can be as young as
two-thirds of your age, minus 6. In other words if a man is
50 he could date someone as young as 27. Do the math and see
if your partner falls into this range. Keep in mind that
dating should take into consideration that you can only date
someone of legal age which is 18 in most states and

Tool #3: Legal Documents

There is a school of thought that says that using legal
documents to protect your assets in a romantic relationship
is not very, well, romantic. However, if you have any doubts
about what your new found partner truly wants from your
relationship, and if you don't now, your friends will see
that you do, a prenuptial agreement will take the questions
out of the equation. Simply sign and have her sign an
agreement that limits the amount of your assets she can take
from you in the case of divorce.

You may also want to change your will to protect your
children in the event of your death. These issues are not
pleasant, but if handled carefully and respectfully, their
very existence can make your marriage stronger because they
remove these questions and worries from the situation

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