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British Supermodel Naomi Campbell Walks The Runway In Singapore

posted 1 Nov 2013, 17:48 by Mpelembe   [ updated 1 Nov 2013, 17:49 ]

British supermodel Naomi Campbell walks the runway during Digital Fashion Week in Singapore.

 SINGAPORE (NOVEMBER 1, 2013) (REUTERS) - A British supermodel Naomi Campbell strutted down the runway inSingapore on Friday (November 1) for Digital Fashion Week.

Campbell said although it's her third time in Singapore, it was her first time on the catwalk in the city state.

The fashion week is set to bring the latest fashion to consumers in real time, and on-line viewers worldwide are able to watch the runway show live and make instant purchases. Organisers said purchases would reach the consumers in about four to six weeks.

Campbell said she hoped one day that buying clothes hot off the catwalk would be the norm worldwide.

"I'm very happy to be here, I'm proud of being part of the aspect that is digital, in that it's live, and that anyone can go on YouTube and see what's happening through this whole fashion week is amazing. And that was what attracted me to wanting to be here when I was asking, I was like 'yes, I want to do this'. I hope that all the fashion weeks around the world will become live in this way," she said at a news conference on Thursday (October 31).

On Friday, she walked for Singaporean designer Zen Chi. Campbell had been quoted in interviews that she felt fashion today lacked the intimate relationship between models and designers. However, on Thursday she said one has to face the reality in today's fast-paced world.

"I remember, with Azzedine (Alaia) and Gianni Versace, things would be made for me, in a style, because we'd just sit at the kitchen table talking. I think it's important to have, but as I said, nowadays things are more corporate, things have evolved, things have changed, and this is where we are today," she said.

Singaporean boutique owner Victoria Hoo, who watched Zen Chi's fashion show, said she enjoyed how she's able to buy the clothes instantly .

"Yeah, I shop on-line quite a lot, and I think it does make a difference, because you know, when you watch the shows on the runway, you don't really know what the names of the clothes are, and it takes you a while to find it, so it's good that you have the links and you can click on it and it's easily accessible," she said.

In its second year running, Digital Fashion Week started on November 1 and will run till November 4.

Next year, the organisers hope to launch the same format in Bangkok andShanghai.