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Blondes have more fun in their very own parade

posted 23 Oct 2010, 16:11 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 23 Oct 2010, 16:13 ]

A parade of blonde women passed the central streets of Sofia, spreading a pink mood over the Bulgarian capital.

A parade of blonde women marched through the streets of Sofia on Saturday (October 23) for the "International Congress of the Blondes".

The women walked the capital boulevard of Vitosha, having a strict dress code of pink and white clothes and accessories.

"We blondes are women with a charm, intelligent, just the opposite of what people think we are. Blondes could be more intelligent than brunettes," said Antonia, a blond participant.

The congress went under the motto "Intelligence will save the world." The event is hosted by the International Association of Blondes, headed by Olga Uskova.

"Men, be men, women, be women. Let's keep kindness in our hearts, let's help each other. The world is so wild, grey and life is difficult. We are being born in pains, overcome difficulties in our lives. When we smile to each other, the whole planet becomes pink and clean," she said.

The International Association of Blondes unites women and girls from around the globe under the slogan "Let's make our world brighter!"

The blondes have also set themselves the target to turn the blonde congress into a tourist attraction and an annual autumn event. They want to support young Bulgarian artists and designers, as well as draw the attention of politicians to women's and children's issues.

Sofia citizens were glad to see the parading blond ladies.

"It is nice, but there are only a few blondes here. We expected more to come, otherwise it is very enjoyable. We need such events in Sofia, to improve the mood and be happy," said Vanya, a young mother.

"I like the parade of blondes much more than the gay parade," said local resident Ivan Hristov.

Another parade of blondes take place annually in Latvia.