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Ambitious - Not Any Road Will Do

posted 25 Sept 2010, 18:53 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Sept 2010, 18:54 ]

We esteem grit and determination, celebrate fortune and honor
the victorious, yet we deride an ugly twist of fate often
going so far as to divorce the individual from any
culpability for the state of affairs.  For if another is
responsible for the pain and suffering in his or her life,
might I be responsible for the pain and suffering in mine?

What in this life are you responsible for?  Which road
should you choose?

For those without ambition, any road will do.  For those
with a destination in mind, the road matters.  Your
navigation aid is your ability to choose.

Though the epic story, the grand design and even the nuances
of the environment are clearly beyond the individual, it is
the choices you make that most directly influence the
circumstances and the quality of your journey.

While you may not be able to choose the strength or the
direction of the prevailing wind, you can choose to hoist,
set or strike your sails.  You have at your disposal assets
to leverage, both seen and unseen.  The course and pace of
the journey are up to you.  No matter the proximity to your
destination, recognize it is the joy in the adventure that

The strength of your ambition and the choices you make to
negotiate the obstacles along the way determine the success
not only in your life but of your life.

The road before you is paved with choices.  The choices are
often not easy or pain free.  Few are born to wealth and
privilege, many face daunting challenges.  You can expect to
endure hardship and suffer losses, but count your blessings;
challenges build character.

Despite humble beginnings and persistent obstacles realize
you are meant to succeed in this life.  You are here to
fulfill a divine purpose.  You have the tools at hand and
the help you need standing by to achieve your  purpose.

Exercise your will to choose.  Choose a worthy destination.
Pursue your greatest ambition and persevere in your choice to
experience an extraordinary journey.

The events of life, taken together, form a grand mosaic.
Your contribution to this mosaic is time well spent, energy
well invested.  Success is not a life of comfort or
indecision and fear, rather success is marked by ambition,
trials and triumph.  Each event, for its part, is shaped by
a small decision to act - to proceed - a thoughtful choice.
Choose wisely, for the ambitious not any road will do.

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