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About Authority, Credibility, And Celebrity

posted 18 Dec 2010, 05:48 by Mpelembe   [ updated 18 Dec 2010, 05:52 ]

Personal Branding on the Internet involves a blend of
authority, credibility, and celebrity. These three elements
play a key role in successful professional networking. They
are also key elements in the success of your Blog Marketing
and Article Marketing ultimately leading to your online
ecommerce success. Let's take a look a each individually.

Authority, how do you get it? The most time tested way to be
in a position of authority is to be an author of a book.
Other ways to gain authority are to be on a panel of experts
discussing an issue or a guest speaker on a specific topic.
Although writing a blog is a good start, turning your blog
into an article, posting the article, and having the article
syndicated gives you authority. Why do you want to be an
"authority"? With authority status, people default to your
opinion on your topic of authority. Even more important,
they refer others to your opinions on these topics which
builds your online personal brand. By the way, if the idea
of authoring a book is intimidating, just keep writing blogs
and articles. Once you have 20 or so quality blogs and
articles, hand them to a writer and they will create a book
for you. You are the author since the content is uniquely

Credibility, how do you get it? The most straight forward
way to be credible is to flash your education certificates.
Didn't graduate with a degree? Or, your area of interest and
expertise isn't related to your degree? There are other ways
to gain credibility. Experience is the most powerful way to
gain credibility. If you have been successful doing
something a certain way, you are credible. I often joked
before the real estate crash that if you bought a house, did
something (or nothing) with it, then sold it for a profit you
could write a book about your success and make millions
— with the book sales. In your blogs and articles talk
about your successes. Be specific. Your successes will build
your credibility. If you do have a certificate from a
school, be sure and make it prominent in your biography,
resumé, and other appropriate places.

Celebrity, how do I get it? This is the fun one. I know I
always dreamed of being a rock star … standing on
stage with thousands of people screaming while I had a blast
playing and singing music. I might have had a chance had I
actually learned how to play an instrument. Oh well. But we
are not talking about movie starts or rock stars. We are
talking about having celebrity status in your industry. If
you have been featured on a TV news story or TV special
report you have celebrity status and you need to provide
easy access to these clips. If you haven't, don't worry,
there are other ways to become a celebrity. If you get
invited (or get yourself invited) to be a speaker make sure
you video record the event. Then publish and promote it on
YouTube. A simpler way to gain celebrity status is to video
tape yourself delivering your blogs and articles. Post these
on YouTube and tell people they are there. The first group of
people who will want to hear your blog are those who read
your blog. They may be interested in catching your voice
inflections or personal characteristics while you discuss
the topic. This allows them to better understand your blogs
and you become a celebrity.

By combing authority, credibility, and celebrity your online
personal branding and professional networking will increase
multiple fold. Are there other ways you have found to become
an authority, become credible, or become a celebrity on the
Internet? Please share.

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