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A prickly situation: Cat stuck on cactus for days

posted 14 Nov 2011, 10:25 by Mpelembe   [ updated 14 Nov 2011, 10:29 ]

A cat gets stuck on top of a cactus in the middle of an Arizona desert for at least three days.

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES (NOVEMBER 11, 2011) (FOX) - A cat climbed up a giant cactus in the Arizona desert and stayed there for several days, Fox News reported on Friday (November 11).

The feline was spotted on top of a saguaro cactus by a hiker in a desert located in Mesa, about 20 miles (32 km) from Phoenix.

The cat stayed on top of the cactus -- reported to be at least 20 feet (6 meters) high -- for at least three days.

After attracting a lot of attention, notably from an overhead television helicopter, the cat simply climbed down the cactus and headed home.