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9 Good Reasons To Retire Overseas

posted 10 Dec 2010, 04:11 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Dec 2010, 04:12 ]

Retire overseas and escape from your humdrum lifestyle.
Explore the world full of exciting  opportunities. It will
be a challenge at times you will wonder why you've done it
and at  other times why you didn't do it years ago.

It is nerve racking and challenging but with all the support
available from organisations and  people who've "done it"...
it's actually simple and easy.

1. If you are moving from a so called First World country to
a cheaper one … either less First World or
"developing" you will live more luxuriously than you ever
could at home for a fraction of the cost.

2. Many of the cheaper places also have a "slower
lifestyle." You will escape the traffic jams and long
commutes for a better quality of life. Simply living
happier, healthier and with much less stress.

3. A great reason is to find what you consider the perfect
weather. Where winter's snow and ice are just distant
memories and all the heating is done by the sun. The warm
temperate weather encouraging you to get outside and enjoy
one of the many available pastimes.

4. Get away from the growing unemployment and negativity,
and where work has become a day to day drag. You can escape
the 8-to-5 drudgery of a day job and work for yourself.

There are many opportunities to completely overhaul and
reinvent yourself, or not work at all if that's what you
choose (although personally I hope you don't go down that

5. Many overseas countries are looking for skilled people to
come and start businesses and they make it very attractive to
emigrate and to start your own business. They understand the
attraction of a country where you'll pay less taxes and keep
more of what you earn.

6. Retire overseas to a developing country which is about to
take off. You can put yourself on the ground in a place that
is about to bloom. They are filled with opportunity and
optimism and your skill and expertise will be well rewarded.

7. To live your passion. If you move to an exciting exotic
location you may see a lot more of your family … and
have great quality time. Write the book you always thought
about writing … whether as an aspiring J K Rowling or
just because you always wanted to. Spend your mornings
hiking, or playing golf, or fishing, or snorkelling.

8. In many First World (does that relate to the amount of
debt you have with the rest of the world?) countries their
finances are in a mess. Wasting money on foreign empire
building campaigns and failing domestic baleouts. To
maintain this they unfairly tax their citizens. If you feel
this way this is an excellent opportunity to rearrange your
financial affairs so that you're saving on your taxes.

9. Last but not least … one of the best reasons to
retire overseas to is spark the spirit of adventure. To
continue the migration, started by our forefathers many,
many years ago, to find freedom and new opportunities. It
may be a chance to learn a new language and make new friends
and to expose ourselves to and experience something
completely different.

Retiring overseas offers many exciting options. Initially
you can take the step by step route. Test it out
progressively like visit for 3 weeks, then if you like it 6
weeks then the final test of 6 months.  Leave your mundane
and routine life behind. Set out to find your own answers.
Believe what you see or experience and not what you hear
and; just do it.

About the Author:

Patrick Millerd is an inspired digital nomad looking for
interesting retirement options. Join him in exploring the
many overseas  opportunities by clicking here =>